Nominations solicited for Board of Governors

The current Board of Governors are seeking nominations for the upcoming election to the AAFTA Board of Governors. The election will be held shortly (and, admittedly, we are doing this a bit late!) with the new members taking "office" January 1, 2009. In the interests of speeding the process, please send the nominations as quickly as possible (and, you can nominate yourself) -- we would welcome any "statement" that proposed members would like to broadcast to voting members (clubs).  

The Nationals are coming! The Nationals are coming!

The 2008 U.S. National Match will be hosted by the Bluegrass Airgun Club (BGAC) in Lexington, Kentucky. Here are links to the registration form and additional information about housing, directions, etc.. Registration form may not be clear -- tee-shirt is included in the registration price!

The National and Regional Calendar for Match Events in 2008 is up-to-date (but subject to changes and additions). Please submit all Match Date and Registration Forms here so that the AAFTA Editor can ensure your club's information is broadcast to the broadest audience possible. A Google calendar has been added that shows match dates and location (you can click to get a map!) in a monthly (or other user-chosen) format. As always, feel free to surf to the calendar section on this site to see what regional and national events are on the horizon as well as a quick way to review results that have been submitted.

Online, we are continuing to add content to the AAFTA website. If there is something you find that needs correcting, or if you have additional content to add to the site, please let us know, and we will get on it. Thanks for all the well wishes and help we have received so far to make this online representation of AAFTA something to be proud of and something that can be looked to in the World FT Community as a model for FT information, education, communication and history.