5 Lexington County restaurant businesses earned DHEC C grades in March

By Rogers Parks | [email protected]

Five Lexington County restaurant businesses earned an SC Food Service rating of C, the lowest ratings reported, between March 1 and March 31, according to the Department of Health and Environmental Control website. the state. 199 inspections were reported for Lexington County during this period.
La Estrella (1921 Airport Blvd. in West Columbia), Mi Tierra (4944 Highway 321 in Gaston), Nick’s Gyro and Seafood at (780 St Andrews Blvd. in Columbia) Rivera’s Supermercado (1618 Airport Blvd. in West Columbia) and Wings and More (100 Columbiana Circle #1272 in Colombia) received the lowest ratings.
Since late March, Domino’s (621 St. Andrews Rd. in Columbia), Fatz (942 E Main St. in Lexington), Lexington County Detention Center (521 Gibson Rd. in Lexington), Taqueria Chile Caliente (5343 Highway 321 in Gaston) and US Wings and Deli (275 Harbison Blvd. in Columbia) received C ratings during routine or follow-up inspections. The Chronicle will follow up at the end of the month.
The Estrella received C grades during a routine inspection on March 7 (scoring 72%) and a follow-up on March 17 (90%). The restaurant received an A after a second follow-up on March 25 (99%)
The March 7 DHEC report notes that “the sink in the kitchen is used to store soiled utensils” and that “hand washing sinks should not be used for any purpose other than hand washing.”
An additional violation states “raw and cooked [sic] shrimp stored in the same pan in the kitchen prep cooler. The regulations state that “the separation, packaging and segregation of raw animal feed…must be protected against possible cross-contamination”.
The inspection report further observes “soiled knives stored as clean in both the kitchen and meat market” and “food contact containers in the meat market that were not clean. sight or touch”.
The inspection also noted inappropriate cooking times and temperatures for beans, barbacoa, queso, peppers and onions. He further noted temperature violations for raw beef, raw chicken, raw fish, and raw pickled chicken in the kitchen or meat market. And large covered kettles with cooked food noted as not cooling properly in cold room.
The report cites La Estrella with a toxic substance violation, noting “beans stored in a bucket previously used as detergent in the cold room.”
An equipment violation was also noted for “numerous food storage containers in the meat market and kitchen that were cracked and broken”.
A plumbing violation was noted due to “the kitchen 3-compartment sink sprayer head extending into soiled dishwater”.
Mid Tierra at 4944 Hwy. 321 in Gaston received a C grade following a routine inspection on March 15 (72%) and a follow-up on March 24 (83%) and April 6 (84%).
DHEC cited a handwashing violation on March 15, observing “employees rinsing their hands between contamination points without using soap”, “the wash sink is unusable and blocked by a prep table” and “no hand drying provision provided for hand washing”.
The report also observes “employees handling ready-to-eat foods with their bare hands.”
Two violations are noted for services in contact with food, observing “dirty plates that are stacked as clean” and “an employee doing the dishes without a disinfection step”.
Mi Tierra was cited for food temperature violations – “in containers above display cooler without temperature control: shortening used with 68 F meat particles. In bucket on prep table : green salsa 61 F. Meat market/glass on hand: cooked tongue 47 F.”
The March 15 report also notes that “has no dating system in place for time/temperature control for safety ready-to-eat foods held longer than 24 hours. Items that are not properly date stamped include (but are not limited to): used shortening, cooked tongue, open cuts of deli meats, salsas. »
Nick’s Gyro and Seafood at 780 St Andrews Blvd. received a C following a routine inspection on March 7 (77%) and follow-ups on March 16 (90%) and April 14 (84%). The March 7 report cites: “No employee health policy in place”, “No cleaning or diarrhea policy in place” and “No employee health policy in place to include restrictions, exclusions and time limits for back to work.
The report also notes “fruit flu [sic] activity noted in the washing-up area. Observed evidence of rodent activity in storage areas.
Under the “Clean Non-Food Surfaces” report category, the report states: “Buildup of grease, grime, dust and food debris on equipment throughout the kitchen. Black buildup on a 3 compartment sink.
There was also “an accumulation of grease, spills and debris on the floors under and around the equipment”.
Rivera’s Supermercado received a C after follow-up inspections on March 4 (81%) and March 9 (89%). He received A grades after follow-ups on March 18 (95%), March 25 (95%) and March 28 (97%).
Violations noted in the March 4 report include lack of a Certified Food Safety Officer certificate, sink violations, lack of evidence of destruction of parasites from fish used in ceviche, improper temperature of hot food, incorrect date marking for opened containers, presence of flies, lack of chemical sanitation and maintenance issues with physical facilities.
The March 9 report notes that “hot water is not available at the sink in the meat market” and that “the establishment does not have a dating system in place for time/temperature control. temperature for the safety of ready-to-eat foods stored for more than 24 hours. Items that are not properly date stamped include (but are not limited to): Open deli meats. Packaged used shortening containing meat particles.
Flies were observed in several sinks on March 9.
Wings and More at 100 Columbiana Circle received a C after a routine inspection on March 24 (73%) and an A after a follow-up on April 1 (100%).
The March 24 report observes that “employees do not wash their hands at any time or between points of contamination,” and notes that handwashing cleaner and drying provisions were not available.
The report also notes raw eggs stored on products and raw chicken stored on ready-to-eat products.
Wings and More was cited for improper holding temperatures (“Grill/Pan of burgers 84 F”) and handling cold food (“Assis at grill/Bus pan of wings 51 F”).
The report observes, “food prepared or opened under refrigeration for more than 24 hours without the use of an established dating system” and “multiple spray bottles stored with unique food and serving items in frontline areas and preparation”.
Black accumulation was noted inside an ice machine and “accumulation of spilled material, debris and biofilm” was noted under and around the equipment.