A car smashes the window of a delicatessen in Toronto

A car has just slammed into the window of a large gourmet food store in Toronto, where people usually sit and drink their coffee.

Luckily no one was sitting in the seating area of ​​the Pusateri cafe in Yorkville when a car lost control at the intersection and slammed into the window around 9.45am on Wednesday morning.

The grocery chain is known for its gourmet food selection and is often busy with shoppers shopping for specialty items, especially during the holiday season.

“Although the cafe’s storefront was significantly damaged, we are very grateful that no one was injured,” a spokesperson for Pusateri told blogTO.

“Thanks to the rapid response of the emergency services, the situation was quickly restored.”

Some people took the opportunity to point out that this is yet another example of how dangerous Toronto’s roads can be if someone can jump the curb so easily.

The cafe seating area is closed to undergo repairs, but the rest of the store is open and running regularly.

The spokesperson says it’s too early to say when the cafe’s seating area will reopen.