A guide to the backcountry food cart, opening this week

Last spring, Ryan Schenk and Rowan Dunlap announced the imminent arrival of an exciting new food cart module in Portland: Hinterland, which would open between Hawthorne and Division on 50th SE, would be part cocktail bar, a trolley module partly for food, with vast heated and covered spaces. outdoor seating, an indoor bar, mounted TVs and an A team of Portland carts. At the time, they were hoping to open the September pod; September has come and gone, with no real news.

This week, however, Hinterland will finally open its doors in southeast Portland, with all the promised amenities: a cocktail program with cart-themed drinks, plenty of on-site seating, and five popular food carts. Portlanders will likely recognize names like Burger Stevens and Matt’s BBQ Tacos, but the list is filled with heavy hitters.

In honor of Hinterland’s long-awaited opening, Eater Portland has compiled a quick guide to the carts involved and what to expect while walking – keep in mind that many of the chefs involved have exciting things planned for the months to come, ranging from brunch to fajitas. Hinterland will open at 2216 SE 50th Avenue on Saturday, January 22.

The bar

Taylor Gehrts, a seasoned Portland bartender who’s worked everywhere from Nostrana to Smallwares, has curated an extensive cocktail menu at Bar Hinterland, including a full list of drinks inspired by each of the carts. For example, the bar will serve a mezcal-Tajín drink for Matt’s BBQ Tacos, and a horchata fortified with rum and fernet for La Taquiza Vegana. Those looking for something simple will also find a number of standards, like an Old Fashioned and hot toddy, as well as brunch staples like mimosas and marys. The beer menu includes rotating beers on tap, as well as Big Boys and High Life; a short and sweet selection of wines by the glass and bottle includes Goodfellow Pinot Noir and Forge Riesling.

The bar is also well-stocked with non-alcoholic options: Hinterland will do three mocktails with things like fennel-apple or puppet shrubbery, plus horchata, sparkling lemonade, and go-tos like soda. bottled and iced tea.

A burger from Burger Stevens
Steven’s Burger [Official]


Steven’s Burger

One of Portland’s favorite burger carts, Burger Stevens will flip patties and throw fries in Hinterland with the full gamut of Stevens standards – whether it’s the big double quarter pounder with all the fixings or the Burger Fast food snack. Ultimately, owner Don Salamone hinted at introducing a kind of weekend brunch to Hinterland – a breakfast burger, anyone?
Scheduled opening: January 20-22

La Taquiza Vegana

This vegan taqueria serves jackfruit birria tacos and al pastor soy curls on handmade tortillas, but La Taquiza Vegana offers more than just tacos: diners can find asada fries with a homemade cheeseless sauce, meatless chicken tortas milanesa with chipotle mayo and shiitake asada burritos, plus regular specials like vegan birria ramen.
Scheduled opening: January 22

Poppy seed

Poppyseed caught the attention of Portland diners through dishes like quince duck country pie or braised Calypso beans with herb salads, though it was discontinued at the end of the season. fall and winter. However, the Poppyseed team is tight-lipped about what’s happening in the backcountry, so visitors will have to stop at the cart to see what’s available.
Scheduled opening: January 22 at the earliest

Third Culture Cuisine

Third Culture Kitchen comes from Tasty N’ Sons alumni Billy Fuqua and Jon Free, who both grew up in other countries with American parents: Fuqua in the mountains of Peru, Free in Okinawa, Japan. Their approach to cooking is therefore also “third culture kids», a distinct mix of culinary influences built on their changing environments and experiences. At the cart, diners will find everything from cold-smoked tomato lomo saltado to fried chicken sandwiches with tangy Peruvian chili sauce.
Scheduled opening: January 22 at the earliest

Matt’s BBQ Tacos

Famous pitmaster Matt Vicedomini, of Eem and Matt BBQ fame, tops fluffy homemade flour tortillas with smoked meat, refried beans and/or scrambled eggs in this popular cart. Along with its roster of tacos, Matt’s BBQ Tacos will soon be offering “Portland’s best sizzling fajita plate” – according to Vicedomini.
Scheduled opening: January 26

• New food cart and cocktail bar open in southeast Portland