A street worker is filmed washing his laundry in a puddle of rainwater

We’ve all heard our parents tell us not to eat at food trucks. Now for some reason they would have told us, but netizens have come up with a solid reason why they won’t eat at food trucks often.

Indeed, a video that has been uploaded to TikTok and Reddit is going viral in which a food cart worker can be seen washing a rag he has to use to wipe his food truck in a puddle of rainwater. . As water collects along the sidewalk, the man bends down to rinse the rag.

The video was uploaded by a user with @g2bbii as their username. The clip’s caption read, “Just another rainy day in New York.” Now that it is reaching the wider masses, it is getting all the negative attention and the outrage is continually pouring in.

Why are Internet users angry with the clip?

Some users say that even though their parents always asked them not to eat in food trucks, they did not address their concerns but seeing this video, they swear not to eat out again until they be sure of the hygiene of the place. Netizens felt that it was unhygienic and disgusting.

Netizens felt that this behavior cannot be justified and even if the man used the rag to wipe down the exterior of his truck, it still cannot be accepted.

A street worker is filmed washing his laundry in a puddle of rainwater

Some even remembered NBC’s 2019 report which claimed that food vendors regularly commit food infractions and that their practices were highly questionable as traces of rats and food contamination were also detectable.

Netizens support food cart workers:

Not everyone in the online space was aggressive. Some users have said that the unhygienic practices of the man in the clip cannot be used as a tool to target all food cart workers. They asked Internet users not to generalize.

As others have said, it’s very clear that not only food carts, but even restaurants engage in food infractions. They sarcastically asked netizens to stay home and prepare their food if they are so concerned about cleanliness.

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