Best New Food Cart 2021 | Squares of Rush | Food

SSicily-style pizza may not be as well-known as its Neapolitan, New York, or even Chicago-style counterparts, but anyone who’s visited Rush’s Squares knows it’s as good as any of them. them. The cart debuted this year after Mike Rush, the cart’s founder, spent months making and delivering pizzas in his spare time.

“I was working full time which I didn’t really like, and I started making these pizzas at home and put them on Instagram,” Rush said. “People liked the way it looked so much that they started ordering pizza from me, and after a few weeks I was out of stock for two months. So I would go to work 10 hours, leave work, do pizzas and I would deliver them to people in the evenings.”

Square pizzas are pressed and risen to give it a more bread-like crust. Rush has been in the pizza business for years, but only recently branched out into the Sicilian style.

“I never touched it until about a year ago, and I just found out it was really delicious,” he said. “Detroit style pizza is very similar, I make it like a Chicago deep dish, it’s all from the same kind of thing.”


These days, Rush’s Squares is located at The Office, Silver Moon Brewing’s food cart lot. Rush said that so far people’s favorite pizzas have been Fancy Pants, Bendite and Carnie Meat (Vore).

Rush Squares
24 NW Greenwood Ave, Bend

Second place: Shimshon