Chicago mother who lost daughter in grocery store shooting buys Chatham property to transform neighborhood

CHICAGO (WLS) — It’s still painful for Nyisha Beemon as she walks through the Chatham neighborhood, where her daughter was killed two years ago. But she is trying to overcome the pain through the foundation she created in honor of Jaya Beemon.

This foundation is now obtaining properties, like this vacant lot, that have been in arrears for over three years. She has about 10 properties so far and plans to use them all for the foundation.

“It brings so much pain, but there has to be a purpose so she doesn’t die in vain,” Beemon said.

Jaya Beemon was killed when gunmen fired a barrage of random shots inside a grocery store. Four others were injured.

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Beemon was studying nursing at Malcolm X College. Her mother, who works as a nurse, started the foundation in hopes of giving young people education and job opportunities to protect them from the senseless violence that claimed her daughter’s life.

“It’s not a problem of ‘them’. It’s a problem of ‘our’,” she said.

A 15-year-old has been convicted in the shooting that killed Jaya Beemon. Two other shooters seen in their surveillance video have yet to be identified and arrested.

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The foundation’s slogan is ‘Building hope, building trust’, and Beemon said if his daughter’s killers had hope and trust, they would have had no reason to resort to violence. .

The grocery store has never reopened since the shooting more than two years ago. Beemon said she hopes one day her foundation can acquire this property as well; perhaps the ultimate symbol of bringing something good out of tragedy.

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