Clearfield SD struggles to fill paraprofessional restaurant jobs –

CLEARFIELD — The Clearfield-area school district is struggling to fill paraprofessional and catering jobs.

At Monday’s school board meeting, Superintendent Terry Struble reported that the district has five cafeterias and approximately 11 paraprofessional (full-time and part-time) (personal care/classroom assistant) openings.

There has been some interest in PCA and classroom assistant positions, but according to Mark Bender, director of special education, the district is competing with other local job openings.

“So there’s always a need,” he said, and while administrators are exploring other resources available to them, Struble urged anyone looking for part-time work to contact the district. “We have opportunities.”

Interested individuals should submit a completed application to the attention of the Office of Human Resources. Applications are available at the office or on line; any questions can be directed to 814-765-5511.

Struble also offered replacement rates for the 2022-23 school year following a survey of neighboring districts.

Alternative rates have been proposed as follows: $10/hour, food service; $10/hour, caretaker but $15/hour for retirees; $13/hour, health aide; $9.75/hour, paraprofessional; $9.75/hour, secretary; $12/hour, technology; $120, full-time teacher; and $60, half-day of instruction.

Struble said it was prudent not to raise replacement rates above starting rates, so there would be an incentive to seek permanent employment.

He proposed having a retired rate for goalkeepers since there is no “time out” and they can essentially replace immediately, and hoped that offering the higher rate would encourage them to do it.

Struble also offered to raise the rate for a full-time substitute teacher from $100 to $120, noting that would equate to an eight-hour shift at Sheetz.

“I think our substitute teachers deserve at least that,” he said. The board will vote on the proposed replacement rates at next Monday’s meeting.

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