‘Cooking Kid’ helps his community with a food cart | News

A boy from Gladwin calls himself the Cooking Kid. It’s an idea that started small but quickly grew through hard work, dedication and community support.

Logan Trevillian isn’t like most kids his age.

“Most 12-year-olds would play video games. I’m starting my own business,” Logan said.

This business took shape as a food cart and Logan dubs himself the Cooking Kid.

“I love making chicken alfredo,” Logan said.

The cart is the first step in his vision to one day open a farm-to-table restaurant and livestock farm. With the cooking skills he learned from his mum and his experience raising pigs, his business combines two of his favorite activities.

“Because I love animals and wanted it to be incorporated into the kitchen,” Logan said.

At the Gladwin County Fair, the community gave away $500 for Logan’s Chocolate Chip Cookies. Logan used the money to buy his cart.

He’s still speechless, but words came easy when Logan shared his plans for setting up his cart.

“I’m going to make walking tacos and then my own recipe for sloppy Joes,” Logan said.

He can’t wait for his first gig, which is September 11-12 at the Thunder on the Strip drag racer at Gladwin Airport where he can’t wait to give back.

“Thank you to the community for supporting me and helping me get to where I am now,” Logan said. “Hoping you help me get to where I want to be in the future.”

So Logan plans to take out a tip jar on those dates and all the money he makes, some of it will go to the local animal shelter. He says animals should have the best life possible.