Dirty grocery store had ‘Trainspotting toilets’ and beef covered in bloody quilts

Food warehouses that supplied restaurants and takeaways have been closed after environmental health officers found ‘disgusting’ conditions in Leyton, northeast London

Food warehouse toilets have been compared to something out of Trainspotting

Toilets compared to those in Trainspotting and bloodstained duvets used to cover beef were among the appalling conditions inside the food warehouses that supplied local restaurants and shops.

The premises in Leyton, Waltham Forest, in northeast London, have been closed by environmental health officers due to ‘outrageous’ conditions.

Kim Son Ltd and Four Seasons Catering Supplies Ltd provided food for restaurants, takeaways and cash and carry, reported MyLondon.

Yet health workers found evidence of a “severe rodent infestation” in warehouses on the Cromwell industrial estate.

The premises also had no hot water and there were “filthy blood-stained quilts used as insulation covering bundles of beef”.

Bloodstained quilts used to cover beef were found in warehouses


Waltham Forestry Council)

The toilets were so bad that a judge said it wouldn’t have been out of place in the hit 90s movie Trainspotting.

The three food warehouses were closed immediately after the hygiene emergency prohibition notices were served.

Applications have also been made to the Magistrates Court for emergency hygiene barring orders, preventing the premises from reopening until the imminent risk to the public has been removed.

At an application hearing at Thames Magistrates Court on November 18, the District Judge granted the emergency hygiene barring orders.

The premises in Leyton, Waltham Forest, have now ceased to operate


Waltham Forestry Council)

No business owner attended the hearing and the two businesses were each asked to pay a fee of £890.

Cllr Clyde Loakes, Deputy Chief of Waltham Forest Council, said: ‘When our Environmental Health Officers visit a site they never know what they are going to find.

“But it was a revolting sight in every way.

“The judge’s damning observation that one of the toilets looked like Trainspotting’s worst toilet in Scotland speaks volumes.

“It’s unacceptable under any circumstances – but in an environment where people are handling food, you have to wonder what they were thinking, even if it wasn’t being used.”

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