Don’t cancel a food order at this Pattaya food cart…or else

Anon Luksanalamai, 42, makes a police report after a food vendor attacked him with a knife because an app customer canceled his order.

A Pattaya food delivery driver was injured when he was attacked by an angry food cart vendor over an online customer canceling an order.

In a literal case of an attack on the courier, delivery app driver Anon Luksanalamai, 42, suffered defensive stab wounds to his hands and narrowly missed being stabbed in the neck on July 8 outside the Yum Zab cart at Wat Chaimongkol market on South Road.

The drama began two days earlier when Anon went to get food from Yum Zap, but the mobile app user canceled the order. The unidentified seller got angry and argued with the driver.

On July 8, Anon again came to get food from the same cart and this time it was the vendor who canceled the order, telling Anon never to return to his cart. Another argument broke out and, according to the driver, the salesman came at him with a knife. Anon ducked and the blade hit his motorcycle helmet.

The seller’s wife tried to break up the fight, but she too got cut.

Anon has filed a report with the police that will likely lead the owner of Yum Zap for questioning and possible charges.