Dozzino owners open ‘Number Eleven Food Store’ in former 7-star location

The team members behind Dozzino, a popular pizzeria in Hoboken, are strengthening their footprint in town with a third business. “Number Eleven Food Store”, the latest concept restaurant specializing in Asian cuisine, opened at 342 Garden Street in Hoboken, the former 7 Stars Pizzeria location, on March 31.

We have learned that 7 Stars has permanently closed its doors in 2020 in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic. The long-running pizzeria tucked away on the corner of Garden Street was popular among visitors to Church Square Park, students from surrounding schools and nearby residents.

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Turns out the space was being renovated for the past few months in preparation for the launch of Number Eleven Food Store, hollow jersey reported.

Residents may remember the restaurant’s name from a successful pop-up that took place in Dozzino, among other locations, a few months ago. Pop-ups offered examples of current menu items. The team describes the cuisine as “good food that looks Chinese,” as shown in the restaurant’s Instagram bio.

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If you’re wondering why it’s called Number Eleven Food Store, there are only eleven dishes on the menu (clever, if you will). The no-frills restaurant offers dishes like Drunken Noodles, Potstickers, Ma and Pa Lumpia, and Pepperoni Fried Rice. View the full list online here.

Follow the new spot on Instagram at @11foodstore.

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