Dundee Eats – the new online catering app

Two former oil and gas industry workers will invest £ 15,000 in the local community as they set out to launch Dundee’s latest independent online food ordering service, Dundee Eats.

After realizing that the oil and gas industry might become less lucrative in the future, his colleagues Lauchlan Cox (54) in Carnoustie and Jamie McPhee (40) in Aberdeenshire, decided to give it a try. to something different.

Dundee Eats, which is slated to officially launch in the coming weeks, was an idea that came to the duo during their time working in Barrow-in-Furness, England, where they saw an order apps business flourish. Local Eats food industry thrives.

Online ordering platform and contactless table service

The company seeks to connect other businesses with their customers through an online ordering platform accessible through their app or website.

Customers sign up for the app using an email address and can then order food from local businesses, restaurants and any other food outlet registered with Dundee Eats.

Dundee Eats owners Jamie McPhee (left) and Lauchlan Cox (right) next to the Discovery boat, who inspired their logo.

While deliveries are not handled by the Dundee Eats team, they do offer businesses the option of delivering themselves or bringing in their customers.

Additionally, with the current pandemic, the option to use the Dundee Eats table delivery service at any restaurant or cafe using the app can also be used at no additional cost.

The Dundee app eats.

A customer can order their food, pay for and receive their food in a restaurant or cafe, without interacting with a waiter or waitress and thus reducing the potential risk of contact.

With the current pandemic situation, they are hoping that businesses that sign up can take advantage of contactless table service and advertise it to their customers.

Reduced commission rates and service charges

During the coronavirus pandemic, thousands of hospitality businesses in the region have been severely affected, with restrictions forcing them to shut down or operate under strict guidelines.

To help, Jamie and Lauchlan aim to support local businesses and charities. By reinvesting money in the community, they hope to see the hospitality industry thrive again.

Jamie McPhee, said: “For two summers we sat there and thought something like this would work just fine in Dundee because there is nothing like it.

“We’re not interested in pursuing the likes of Greggs, Starbucks and McDonalds. They already have everything. We’re here to help small businesses.

Dundee eats
Lochlan Cox and Jamie McPhee running the Dundee Eats app.

“We charge a much lower commission than Just Eat. They fluctuate with the money they make, but we have a standard commission rate of 7.5% ”

Charging only a 50 pence service fee compared to the £ 1.99 Just Eat can charge up to, Dundee Eats is a small business trying to support other small businesses by cutting costs on both sides.

Despite the setbacks due to negative publicity around online food ordering services, Dundee Eats hopes being locally based will help distinguish them from other delivery companies and make them stand out.

Already registered

Companies that have signed up to work with Dundee Eats already include:

  • The bridge
  • Sylvia’s Ball Vendor
  • Joe’s fish bar
  • Mexican Grill
  • Andaaz
  • buttocks
  • Beans and berries
  • Palais de Chine to take away
  • Mr. Food

Jamie and Lauchlan are looking to get started once they have at least 20 businesses on board to give customers a variety of choices.

Protect local businesses

Lauchlan and Jamie seek to establish a personal connection with the local hospitality industry, their Dundee Eats motto being “Buy local, stay local”.

With the high commissions and reimbursement scams from national food ordering companies, the owners have stressed that Dundee Eats will treat things differently.

Posted by Dundee Eats on Monday, December 13, 2021

Instead of an automatic refund to the customer, Dundee Eats will seek to investigate complaints before issuing a refund.

Additionally, Jamie and Lauchlan have decided against having the opportunity to review businesses, believing that in many cases negative reviews are unreasonable and can be extremely damaging to businesses.

Dundee Eats is a project they see growing continuously, word of mouth being the main driver.

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