Evanesce offers a range of sustainable straws and packaging

It takes 500 years for Styrofoam™ to decompose. Evanesce® Molded Starch products only take 90 days or less.

Like so many visionary entrepreneurs, Doug Horne saw a problem and was determined to solve it. Horne had previously worked in politics and fought to promote environmentally friendly values; after starting his own business, he found a way to uphold these principles even more.

Horne launched Evaness in 2016, which promotes a new future without single-use plastic. The company primarily works with molded starch and recycled plant materials, which are more sustainable petroleum substitutes, to create food packaging and serving items.

Evanesce products are developed by a dedicated research and development team to ensure everything is free from harmful chemicals and engineered to the highest standards. “Our goal is to create food packaging and serving items that can break down in 90 days or less,” added Horne.

Their innovations are key ingredients in creating products that have a positive impact on the environment through their compostable characteristics. “It looks and feels like a traditional straw,” Horne said; “These components allow the company’s ‘#dirttodirt’ initiative to come to life, as it is designed to degrade over time.”

Products advertised as low-impact or eco-friendly can often be misleading. With the different types of plastics and assortment of recycling bins, complications often arise when a business dabbles in recycling or composting. These problems are reduced or eliminated thanks to Evanesce’s materials and their completely compost-safe composition. “The only way to really tackle the amount of food that ends up as waste in landfills is to have foodservice items that are fully compostable. [With Evanesce] a consumer takes whatever is left, throws it in a green bin, doesn’t have to think, and sends it to a proper composting operation to return to the dirt from where it all started,” Horne explained.

Evanesce’s solution promotes goodwill among users and their business, with the added benefit of having a morally sound environmental conscience. Many manufacturers produce lines that claim to be produced from natural materials. In many cases, paper straw companies make products that dissolve in beverages and are sprayed with chemicals that make composting impossible. These materials and chemicals, sometimes carcinogenic, can be misleading when labeled as useful and healthy alternatives.

“We want something that looks and feels like what people are used to, acts the same, but is made from cornstarch so they don’t have to worry about where it goes. where he’s going to end up,” Horne said.

While durability is an attractive feature, a viable product for the restaurant owner and food service operator must make financial sense. With that in mind, the economics of Evanesce’s cutlery, straws, cups and other products make sense from a P&L perspective. “Our aim was to produce a range that did not deviate too much from the average price of ordinary serving utensils. The best thing about it is from a cost standpoint, it’s less than any compostable product on the market,” Horne said. “The goal is to get to a point where we’re just selling the best straw in the whole market, without having to describe the material it’s made from.”

Although many compostable materials are traditionally fragile or not resistant to grease or pressure, Evanesce prides itself on the robustness and efficiency of its innovations. “Unlike other paper stuff, if you put a burger and fries on it, it won’t fall on the floor. It’s a very strong and stiff product,” concluded Horne.

Being trustworthy and light on conscience is at the heart of what Evanesce products mean to consumers. The compostable aspect, without sacrificing the precious simplicity of typical serving utensils, makes the process simple; and in a world where the future of nature and wildlife is uncertain, every choice, even the size of a straw, can have an impact.

For more information about Evanesce and their products, call the sales team 1-800-691-9158, or email through their website