evTS launches ev Transportation as a Service(TM) program with food service customer Zing Tech Inc

ev TaaS™ All-Inclusive Rental Program Transforms CapEx into OpEx, Simplifying EV Adoption to Complement Traditional Ownership Models

BOSTON, MA/ACCESSWIRE/April 28, 2022/ ev Transport Services Inc. (“evTS”), an electric vehicle manufacturer focused on the essential services and urban e-mobility markets, today announced its ev Transportation as a Service (ev TaaS) program as part of a commitment initial vehicle order from Zing Tech Inc. (“Zing”), a New Jersey-based app-enabled mobile cafe network.

The TaaS ev The program includes all vehicle operating expenses, from insurance to maintenance and repairs – even electric vehicle charging infrastructure and electricity – all for one affordable monthly fee. The program simplifies the adoption of electric vehicles by turning capital expenditures into operating expenditures, making the acquisition and operation of vehicles more affordable for commercial customers who prefer a service-based relationship, as well as for municipalities with limited capital budgets who prefer to use operating funds to facilitate electricity. acquisition and deployment of vehicles.

Zing operates a network of mobile suburban amenities and curated retail experiences, leveraging data and advanced algorithms to optimize routes, stop locations and customer experience. As more people work from home and the classic idea of ​​suburban living evolves, Zing is committed to providing suburban business amenities that rival what’s available in a typical city block. Zing will use ev TaaS as a smart and sensible way to add Pure-Electric FireFly® vehicles to its existing fleet for a predictable, all-inclusive monthly payment with no capital investment required.

evTS and Zing have entered into a Memorandum of Understanding (“MOU”) for a minimum order of 100 FireFly vehicles for delivery beginning in 2022, followed by a multi-year agreement for the deployment of additional vehicles in select markets across the country. All of these vehicles will all be deployed under the ev TaaS program. Along with the MOU, evTS delivered a Zing-branded FireFly vehicle with an insulated hot and cold food delivery unit for use at its existing operation.

“Our innovative ev TaaS program enables vehicle ownership for a very wide variety of organizations who prefer to deploy vehicles on a service basis or who may not have access to an appropriate capital budget to purchase vehicles. – providing a level of predictability needed for business and government budgeting programs,” said David Solomont, President and CEO of evTS. “Customers simply choose their configuration options and we will install any special equipment required, wrapping payment in a simple, flat-rate monthly fee Zing’s growing commuter commerce vehicle network is a perfect use case for FireFly and ev TaaS, and we look forward to expanding our partnership in the years to come. .

Avishai Shoham, Co-Founder and CEO of Zing, added, “Zing’s goal of reinventing commuter commerce with an intelligent and dynamic mobile offering requires an equally advanced and flexible vehicle platform. The versatility and functionality of the FireFly through the ev TaaS program is a compelling transportation solution for the electric and connected future of our fleet. We really like the compact footprint, modularity and mobility of the FireFly, which allows us to better execute our hyper-local commerce concepts. The user-friendly appearance also helps our units stand out from the crowd. We are excited to be working with evTS to roll out a sustainable fleet of Pure-Electric FireFly vehicles in the coming quarters. »

About Zing

Zing believes that some everyday suburban retail experiences are greatly enhanced by physical and social as well as digital connections. Zing creates magic by putting the right products and experiences, in the right place and at the right time, in the lives of their customers. The company began this effort with a mobile cafe concept offering a premium coffee experience in the comfort of your own neighborhood using the most advanced algorithms and mobile offerings on the market. They expect to expand into other food and beverage opportunities as well as curated retail experiences, all from their unique vehicle platforms. For more information, visit www.zingtheday.com.

About EVTS

ev Transportation Services Inc. (“evTS”) is a specialty vehicle manufacturer that produces purely electric light-duty vehicles and provides fleet management solutions. Founded in 2015, the Boston-based company’s flagship product, the FireFly ESV, is aimed at the essential transportation and urban electric mobility service markets, which represent an annual national replacement market of approximately 400,000 vehicles, or approximately $7 billion a year. End-user applications for the company’s vehicles include parking management, perimeter security and patrol, park and sidewalk maintenance, utility meter reading, property and building management, airports, seaports, sanitation, college and corporate campuses, and last-mile on-demand urban delivery. For more information, visit the Company’s website at www.evTS.com.

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