Faith in Action: May 29, 2022 – Support California Fast Food Service Workers

Every week at All Saints Church, we put our faith into action. This Sunday, we are signing letters to our California State Senators asking for their support for AB 257, the Fast Food Standards and Accountability (FAST) Restoration Act.

California has an opportunity to launch a historic economic equity campaign for 550,000 fast food workers statewide by passing AB 257, the FAST Recovery Act. The bill would create an industry standards council, the first of its kind, that would bring fast-food workers to the table with employers and regulators to improve standards for workers and the public.

Passing AB 257, we would have:

  • raise standards for fast food service workers in California – 80% of whom are people of color, 60% are Latino/Latina and two-thirds are women;
  • empower local franchisees and workers to hold multi-billion dollar fast food companies accountable for improved labor standards and public safety;
  • create an economic model that will elevate low-wage, mostly immigrant workers in the state;
  • connect politics to progressive values ​​and show that California knows how to lead the nation with innovative solutions that tackle rising inequality.

Workers across the country are taking action to demand improvements from employers like Starbucks, McDonald’s and Amazon. Across California, fast food workers have gone on strike in more than 300 locations to demand better wages and conditions.

We must support bold policy that tackles the economic and racial inequality issues faced by the state’s half-million fast-food workers. The Assembly passed AB 257. Please sign a letter to your State Senator urging them to support and vote for AB 257 and send it to the Governor’s Office.

Options to act:

  1. Sign the action letters at the action table outside the church on Sunday morning.
  2. Download a PDF copy of the action letter that you can sign and mail.
    Action Letter to California State Senators Supporting AB 257
  3. Go to the Fight for $15 action on the Daily KOS website using this link:
    Sign the Fight for $15 petition supporting AB 257 and support bold policy to address economic and racial inequality for the state’s half million fast food workers.


If you ever need to look up your member of the United States House of Representatives or your United States Senators, check here: and

To find the coordinates of your California State Senator or California State Assemblyman check here: and