FoodHub to expand food service and delivery – The Royal Gazette

Updated: April 03, 2022 9:32 PM

A new investment group, FoodHub, led by entrepreneur Marico Thomas, brings together a collection of restaurants and retail operations where customers can place and receive delivery orders and earn loyalty points across the group.

The investment team behind FoodHub recently acquired a stake in Four Star, the successful pizza chain built by Mr Thomas and run by him for more than 30 years – which he says is the only delivery service of food with an experience of 30 years.

“We use FoodHub as a platform to make a difference in how the local food industry works, bringing innovation,” Thomas said. The Royal Gazette.

The group said in a statement: “As part of FoodHub, Four Star customers will benefit from expanded delivery areas, additional take-out and delivery products, and new employment opportunities with increased pay rates and new positions such as independent contractors and lead-by staff.

Part of that involves the opening of a new drive-through restaurant at 95 Middle Road, Devonshire, the site of a former mini market, in around six weeks.

This operation alone is expected to generate 40 to 50 new jobs and will be inspired by North American drive-thru restaurants.

The statement read, “Steps of transition to Four Star include renovations to the kitchen and take-out areas, updated building paint colors, updated signage and uniforms.”

Four Star was part of a pilot program with FoodHub for online ordering. Menu items include descriptions and photos on the site and special features when accessed by phone. There are loyalty rewards for every order placed online.

The Four Star operation will become one of many catering services, including the business being developed in St George on the Square, along with other businesses.

Site of future drive-thru restaurant at 95 Middle Road, Devonshire (Photograph provided)