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The longest line at the Burlington Farmers Market often leads to Green mountain pot stickers – and it starts first thing in the morning, when the other vendors are rushing to Carey Kolomaznikgreen onion pancakes before the market opens.

This summer, Kolomaznik will bring its Taiwanese cuisine to the Church Street Market with a new food cart. In addition to the popular pancakes, she will serve steamed buns and the potstickers of the same name, which come in a rainbow of brightly colored wrappers dyed with spinach, beets, carrots and other vegetable juices.

In the winter, the cart will add “comforting” dishes such as soup and bowls of rice to the menu, Kolomaznik said. As with Green Mountain PotStickers’ line of market produce, all of the cart’s offerings will be vegan or vegetarian, made with local produce and no preservatives.

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Kolomaznik grew up in Taipei, Taiwan, and started Green Mountain PotStickers with her husband, Erik, in 2014.

“In Taiwan, we have at least two or three stores that sell scallion pancakes [on] every block,” Kolomaznik said. “They’re just ordinary food, not really special. But bringing it here, people’s faces show me differently and really encourage me a lot.”

The cart will be open at least two days a week, and Kolomaznik hopes to hire a team to continue selling at farmers’ markets in Burlington and Stowe. She is fundraising in progress to build a cart, aiming to have it operational by mid-May.

Having a cart is necessary to sell at Burlington’s Church Street Market. Once built, it will be easier to manage than the tent and heavy equipment Kolomaznik lugs around for farmers’ markets, she said. Having a cart will also allow him to work all year round, organize events and sell at winter markets.

When asked what she expected to be in Market Square, Kolomaznik simply replied, “It’s Church Street, honey!”