HungerRush empowers restaurants to ensure the highest quality customer experience

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Technological advancements have made significant strides in the last two years of the Covid-19 pandemic, with a new generation of takeout and delivery income built on its shoulders. These dynamic advances in communication have brought about a further transformation of restaurant operations. This has facilitated an ordering system that allows customers to have a true dining experience marked by safety and efficiency.

By incorporating smart technology into their system, restaurants are actively striving and empowered to meet growing consumer needs and expectations. HungerRush is a company that helps restaurants take control of their operations to provide their customers with a memorable experience every time they dine in or out of the restaurant.

HungerRushHungerRush was founded in 2003 and operated as an independent entity. In 2018, Houston, Texas-based private equity firm CapStreet acquired restaurant and restaurant technology solutions provider Reinvention and rebranded the company as HungerRush.

“That’s when the fun really started,” explained Shannon Chirone, vice president of product marketing at Hunger Rush. “In December 2020, we acquired Order AI, a company that offered an SMS ordering solution. In April 2021, we acquired Ninefold, an online ordering solution and automated white glove marketing product for their customers who order online. We recently acquired Menufy which has a large customer base – around 12,000 customers – with an excellent online ordering product with fast and efficient integration and marketplace solution. These new assets to our business have all come with great leaders and innovative talent. Our group efforts enable us to do 10 times what we would be able to accomplish on our own.

HungerRush has worked closely with the changing needs of the post-pandemic restaurant consumer. Customer expectations have changed drastically over the past couple of years and technology solutions have stepped in and become vital for businesses. “Our vision is of a connected dining experience for consumers,” Chirone said. “We don’t operate as a set of one-off technology solutions. On the contrary, we strive to bring everything together seamlessly so that all technology solutions are integrated on a single platform. This allows customers to have a connected experience with the restaurant they are ordering from. It establishes that personalized “VIP” human experience that brings customers back regularly. »

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With this goal in mind, HungerRush has built a reputation with its restaurant customers as a problem solving resource. “We want to help restaurants bring that memorable experience to life, whether they’re dining from their own couch or onsite. We rely on all of our acquisitions to build omnichannel and speak to our current or potential customers alike with the goal of helping them market their brand and expand their professional experience.

In responding to the changing expectations of the consumer base, HungerRush notes that this is a change that the entire industry globally is facing. “We encourage restaurants to understand that everyone has taken a big leap forward due to the changes brought about by the pandemic. Customers expect to order the way they want, whether through an app, text or call. The more innovative customers are, the more excited they will be about new technology offerings. So it’s a good idea to educate them about what your restaurant uses. We launched an SMS ordering product that many customers took advantage of from their sofa. It directs their order directly into the restaurant’s POS systems and kitchen to create a win for both parties. »

By thinking about the human experience and how customers want to order, HungerRush wants to exceed customer expectations. “Having a kiosk where you can place an order and receive it quickly, ordering online or texting in an order are all effective ways for people who work in the office or from home to get their meal in a way systematic. That customer who runs during lunchtime for a quick bite still has the desire for that true customer experience, but is in control for what they need at the time. With an integrated solution, restaurants overall can do more with their operating system and staff to accommodate more.

HungerRush’s marketing strategy seeks to embrace targeted marketing automation that makes sense to its customers. “Our marketing focus is to unlock the nonuple product for our customers, so we are bringing their product into HungerRush. We recently rebranded our marketing platform to HungerRush 360 Marketing, and it’s very customer-centric. Behind the scenes, we help restaurants create the promotion they want to advertise, then automate it for them. We use AI to deliver personal messages, automated drip campaigns, and restaurants can do what they do best; they are in the driver’s seat in terms of creativity, and then let’s leave that in the background.

As HungerRush continues to adapt and respond to new industry changes and desires, they continue to analyze what is working now and where they want to go. “We’re looking at what’s working well and helping brands get on board with it. We’re currently piloting new conversational ordering technology, so we’re looking at different ways to make it happen.” HungerRush encourages interested customers to visit their website and dive into their demos.