Parts Town Celebrates Entering The Billion Dollar Sales Club

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Without a doubt, these are unprecedented times for the restaurant industry. As COVID-19 fades and the industry seeks to find its “new normal”, it has created a sense of overdrive in kitchens across the country.

With takeout and delivery becoming a mainstay and now the return of restaurant dining, kitchen equipment requirements have reached new levels that have never been seen before. While this change has in many cases proven to be very profitable for restaurateurs, it requires operators to develop a parts and service strategy rather than waiting to react to equipment failures.

Clint Holder CEO of Parts Town
Clint Holder, CEO of Parts Town

According to Clint Holder, CEO of city ​​of coins“demand from the catering public simply hasn’t left room for downtime. What was once a shift-defined industry now finds itself working 24/7 to feed customers. There is no longer a window to have out-of-service equipment or a budget for back-up equipment. This stress on the equipment also drives the need for greater preventive maintenance activity that traditionally has not been fully appreciated or adopted by the industry.

Parts Town has an excellent knowledge of the industry and is well equipped to meet the demands that the increasing pressure on prep and cooking equipment has brought. “Our business has grown significantly during the pandemic as customers have turned to this new order. So we have increased our stocking profiles and demand for OEM parts which I think is higher than ever as the equipment needs to work more efficiently and more reliably,” Holder said.

The Chicago-based company is now part of the sales club royalties, having reached billion-dollar status. “We support all market channels that require catering equipment parts. We provide customized solutions for service companies, restaurant chains, institutions and independent restaurants. Recognizing the difference in needs across the spectrum,” added Holder. “We have dedicated teams focused on supporting these units and we’ve developed innovative tools and technology that really make finding parts and buying them fast, simple and, most importantly, accurate.”

It is important to note that this meteoric rise only happened in the 21st century. The restaurant industry has taken its time to fully embrace the technology. His company saw a void and moved quickly to fill it. According to Holder, before 2007 when Parts Town was launched – the first e-commerce website of its kind, the industry was “very fragmented and at that time there was no e-commerce platform supporting manufacturers and partnering with manufacturers with a loyalty and commitment to supporting true OEMs so to speak. His company, he continued, has brought “industrial tools to wear and we have a number of innovations that have fueled our growth and ability to support customers like none of our competitors.”

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Today, with the awakening of technology in the restaurant industry and accelerated in part by the pandemic, this means that “equipment is definitely becoming more connected, more technical, more unique in the sense that there are fewer common parts on some of this more sophisticated equipment, which I think is necessary to have quick and reliable access to OEM parts,” Holder said. “I think that’s where we come in and bring a supporting the industry, both the manufacturers and customers who use the equipment and the service companies who rely on parts to get equipment up and running quickly.”

Additionally, the industry is now moving towards specialized software and hardware that can remotely track the performance of kitchen equipment. With that, Holder and his team at Parts Town introduced a mobile app to help operators and service providers maximize efficiency by keeping kitchens up and running. “We’re seeing an evolution and adoption of connected devices to monitor and maximize uptime and we’re excited about that.” This allows them to “collaborate with our manufacturing partners as they develop the technology and work alongside them to support and maximize the ability to deliver parts ahead of time, in real time, and just in time to support the equipment. I think it’s going to be widely adopted as people see the value it can sustain in reducing operating costs.

Holder also revealed that a key finding from his company’s surveys is that what matters most to customers is “uptime, uptime, uptime, uptime,” he said. . “So we want it to be very easy and efficient for someone to find the right part and get it to them the next day.”

The rapport Parts Town has built with its customer base over the years, Holder said, has also spawned a new culture. “Culture is the basis of what we do. We don’t make anything. We are a distributor and what we differentiate and do is deliver products faster than anyone else and more efficiently and effectively and in a way that makes it easier to do business. So much so that the Parts Town philosophy now goes beyond providing catering equipment,” added Holder.

“We are a one-stop-shop for the industry and these customers have demands that go beyond catering equipment parts. Many of our chain partners and institutional customers come to us for things that aren’t the traditional pieces of catering equipment, but they find it simple and easy to do business with us and want that we expand that support. The Parts Town Marketplace platform, he concluded, “is a fantastic way for us to expand the availability of parts that our customers demand, and more and more customers are digital, and our platform is fantastic to take advantage of this opportunity”.

More information about Parts Town as well as their inventory and services can be found online at their website.