Paytronix provides insight into restaurant customer profiles

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We are in an era where the success of any business is highly dependent on three components it uses in its marketing strategy: technology, data analytics and behavioral science. Previously, strategists mainly relied on demographics and geography to reach the target audience. But that, plus general advertising strategies, are methods of the past.

Today it’s all about psychographics – understanding market personality. A company that understands this change and uses artificial intelligence to better understand the “individual behavioral traits” of restaurant customers is Paytronix.

Andrew Robin
Andrew Robin

Paytronix uses “a platform to see patterns and learn behaviors”. It’s “a customer experience platform for restaurants and convenience stores that uses artificial intelligence to convert your visitors into repeat customers and drive recurring revenue with a personalized loyalty program,” Andrew said. Robbins, CEO of the Massachusetts-based company. “The key is to keep reaching out to the guest. It’s about getting to know them and then using that information in all of their experiences.”

According to Robbins, his company provides a full suite of solutions for the restaurant operator. “We provide e-gift cards, loyalty programs, messaging, customer relationship management solutions, SMS emails, mobile phone applications and online ordering.” Their loyalty programs, he pointed out, allow their customers “to build a close relationship with their guests. And it’s more than a database. It’s a relationship. People want to communicate with you.

“We always start with the consumer. Where are they now, where will they be in the future and what do they need? Because if we can make their lives more convenient and reduce friction, all they do is opt for things. They will give us communication methods so we can text them, email them, push messages to their phone, and then they will visit more,”

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With over 1,800 customers across 34,000 locations, Robbins said Paytronix saw a gap at “the intersection of convenience, loyalty and payment and we said let’s be at that intersection and bring the power of the cloud computing within the four walls of the restaurant. It was 20 years ago when his company started combining punch cards and gift cards. Back then, he added, “most people didn’t even have DSL connections for their stores to connect to. But we always knew we needed it as a prerequisite for guest information to be in a central database in the cloud.

Paytronix will guide your customers through a personalized, individualized journey that maximizes CLV with an all-in-one customer experience platform.

Over the years, the customer relations space has become more crowded, but Paytronix has been able to stay ahead of the curve by being innovative and delivering on its promises to its customers.

“We get people to visit 20-30% more frequently than they would if they didn’t join us. And whenever there’s a downturn or a recession, those retention numbers go off the charts. During COVID, restaurant spending is down 75%. If you commit to one of the program offerings we offer, you only reduce your expenses by 25%,” Robbins explained.

In this time when online orders have exploded, Robbins said, “online orders before the pandemic could have been 18% for many brands. Now it’s up about 33-35% and after the pandemic it’s still there. His company has leveraged this change by adding a variety of payment methods as well as subscriptions that are appealing to the company’s target market and attract customers for increased online spending. “It works for the packaged meal business where their customers can buy more meals and get a better discount.” He added that “just as one would ask for recommendations when they are in a restaurant, we have designed a recommendation engine for off-premises customers.”

For the fast casual business, he said, their subscription recommendations can persuade a customer to “come over for that afternoon drink and when they’re there they also get an extra bakery item, a little snack and it’s an upsell”. From every angle, Paytronix meets the needs of its restaurant customers, whether they are in the restaurant or inside.

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