Popular grocery chain to close across UK

POUNDLAND has confirmed that Fultons Foods stores will close permanently – including those based in Bradford and surrounding areas.

The frozen food specialist, which was taken over by Poundland in 2020, has stores on John Street in the ‘uptown’ area of ​​Bradford, as well as in Cleckheaton.

Poundland has turned a number of Fultons Foods stores into Poundland or PEP&CO stores, but with the remaining 42 stores across the country, that doesn’t seem like a viable option.

A spokesman for Bradford store John Street said: ‘We were told on January 25 that this store would be closed, it was a bit of a surprise and we don’t know when we will officially close.

“We have a meeting with our regional manager soon and we will see what happens.

“A lot of customers say they’re sad to see us go.”

A Poundland spokesman said: “We announced to colleagues last month that Fultons stores which had not yet converted to the Poundland format would unfortunately be closing, but we will do our utmost to find the team there. low transfer opportunities to a Poundland store or other openings elsewhere in our business.

“Just to put some context, over the last 18 months we have opened chilled and frozen sections in over 250 Poundland stores and will be opening 100 more this year. By the end of September 2022, we expect Fultons, the frozen food specialist which we acquired in October 2020, will supply the chilled and frozen offering in over 350 Poundland stores – and we aim to have well over 500 on time.

Store closures will take place over a period of weeks rather than closing immediately.