Portland food cart owner seeks help after thieves break in

PORTLAND Oregon (KPTVName/Gray News) – The owner of a local food cart is seeking help with repairs after his burglary on Monday morning.

Tim Turcotte, owner of Esan Thai Eastport in southeast Portland, found his roof window smashed and the cart wrecked.

Turcotte, who lives down the street, says he received a phone call around 5:30 a.m. about people pushing items through a fence.

He ran outside in his robe and saw two people steal carts, hoses and cables from at least four other food carts. It was then that he took action.

“A guy started coming at me, so I literally ran up to him and tackled him because I didn’t know what he was going to do,” Turcotte said. “I kind of let him stand.”

The suspect left and Turcotte brought everyone’s things.

Turcotte’s cart was also broken into five weeks ago, prompting him to add more locks, but the suspects still managed to gain entry.

“Pretty much cut all the metal they could, broke anything that was jamming them. I still don’t know how they got through that little hole, but now everything is broken, the whole structure is gone,” Turcotte said. “There was just soda spilled all over here, the fridge was open, we looked at it and no cans of water or cans of soda. They just emptied it into the sink.

Food that was worth $1,000 had to be thrown away, while repairs could cost him between $6,500 and $7,500.

Turcotte says that on three occasions the police gave him shocking answers.

“The last break-in, they literally told us there weren’t enough police, there weren’t enough descriptions of the people, it was just going to go on a piece of paper, in a file and nobody would see him again,” Turcotte said. . “They said we had to act on our own.”

Esan is open for business, but Turcotte calls it daunting. He says he hopes to get back on track so he can continue to help his community.

“We have raised funds for different businesses that have been robbed over the past year. We have always held fundraisers and given all the money to everyone, even when it happened to us.”

Turcotte says he has no plans to move, but plans to add even more security to his cart. He often checks his cart every two hours in the middle of the night and wonders when he will be able to sleep again.

Turcotte describes the suspect as a white male in his thirties, with a tattooed face on his eyebrow, a baseball cap, torn clothes and shoes without laces.

There is a GoFundMe page set up for owners if anyone would like to donate.

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