Restaurant Depot launches new Brewster store

Restaurant Depot’s brand new location provides a one-stop-shop experience for restaurateurs, chefs and business owners in the Brewster, NY and Greater Danbury, CT area.

The warehouse opened in late May, just in time to kick off summer and help restaurants prepare for their busy summer seasons. The new Restaurant Depot Brewster location is available to help you with all kinds of meals, from steakhouses to pizzerias, fine dining and everything in between. In their inventory lines are kitchen equipment, cutlery, food, produce, etc.

Interior of Depot Brewster Restaurant

“A restaurateur could open a business and we could supply him with everything he needs,” said manager Anthony Sciortino, a ten-year veteran of the business. “If we don’t have their [the customer’s] product, we bring it to them. Being over 51,000 square feet, its size has also been a draw for customers.

The opening was highly anticipated after taking more than three years between purchases and approvals to become functional. Covid caused delays and material shortages throughout creation, making building the new store — like many projects during the pandemic — long and difficult. The land had been vacant for over 20 years, so the Brewster community was thrilled when the emergence of Restaurant Depot put the place to good use.

More than the store, the premises have been hit hard by the Covid with rising prices and a drop in food supplies; as well as a forced adaptation to adhere to safety protocols and a suspension of indoor dining – the community needed all the help they could get. The arrival of Restaurant Depot has given residents of the Greater Brewster area comfort during difficult times. “Restaurant Depot was there for people when they couldn’t get produce,” Sciortino said.

The location has also had other positive effects for the community, allowing restaurateurs in the area to travel more quickly to pick up their necessities. What was once a weekly trip to buy supplies and equipment has become a needs-based activity thanks to the convenience of the new building. “A lot of customers were already Restaurant Depot shoppers, already going to Waterbury or Port Chester, but the Brewster location serves them seven days a week because they’re now less than 15 minutes away,” Sciortino said. This, along with a wide range of opening hours, allows locals to stop in on short notice for restaurant emergencies or unforeseen high demands for a given product. The ‘Depot provides shoppers with valuable products at affordable prices to ensure the best experience possible.

Fresh meatsExperience is another benefit the new Restaurant Depot offers, receiving products from wholesalers and training community partners allows the store to gain valuable industry insights. “We’re knowledgeable enough in the corporate arena that customers can always reach out to us for answers they don’t know,” Sciortino said. The addition of the store meant the addition of community collaborators, which benefited both the Restaurant Depot and the curious locals looking to learn.

In the future, the store hopes to add fresh seafood to its inventory, a big magnet for businesses in the northeast. Since the arrival of the new store, convenience has increased for people in the restaurant industry, and a reputable partner has been added to a community-centric city.

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