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FWater carts are often where budding restaurateurs get their start, trying out their concept without the high overhead that can come with opening a new physical store. This was the case for Chulitas – but instead of diving into the large trailer-mounted food truck that so many people start with, owners Olivia Carrasco and Edgar Tapia started with a brightly colored mobile mini cart that served aguas frescas – the fresh juice concoctions everyone knows with the Southern Cali Dining Experience will know
pretty good.

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After opening Chulitas on the streets of Bend in 2021 and gaining traction (and followers, like me), Carrasco and Tapia added dining to their repertoire and were aiming for the next step. That’s when the owner of the new batch of food carts, The Barn in Sisters, walked in, inviting the couple to open a full food truck in the heart of downtown Sisters. In November 2021, Chulitas’ food cart was serving its asada tacos, burritos and heaps of filling nachos to hungry Sisters customers. Want a bunch of delicious street tacos or esquites – the iconic Mexican street corn topped with tons of goodness? It’s your date for the sisters. Aguas frescas are also on the menu, of course.

But this couple doesn’t stop there either.

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“We wanted to expand, and we still do — even though we’re only in this location right now, we’ll be opening our aguas frescas cart this summer,” Carrasco told The Source. “Hopefully another food truck in Bend at some point, or we’d like to open a restaurant.”

Wherever their dreams take them, Central Oregon is glad that dream started here.

At the barn at Sisters
171 E Main Ave., Sisters