Specialty dog ​​food store opens in Tullibody

A RAW dog food store opened in Wee County earlier this week.

Dankbullz Raw Food Pet Supplies officially opened in Tullibody on Monday 25th October.

The store will sell a wide range of products, including healthy meals, natural treats and sensitive dog shampoos and other products.

It will also offer a home delivery service for those who cannot make it to the store.

The idea for the store came from owner Lisa Swift’s own dogs who need certain foods due to allergies.

She found out about raw food and the benefits it brings and, after noticing that there were no accessible retailers near her, decided to open her own.

Lisa, who has five French bulldogs, said: “Due to allergies we switched to raw food so that’s where it came from.

“I encouraged all my friends to stock up on raw materials and then a property became available that I thought would be the perfect location for the store.”

Lisa saw the benefits of feeding her dogs raw food “within weeks” and added: “The cans [of dog food] are all processed foods while raw is ideal for dogs.

“It gives their coat a nice shine and fresh fruits and vegetables can be added to make it healthier.”

The store is located on Stirling Road in Tullibody, next to the post office and the space was finalized after Lisa created a business plan and was then able to secure a business loan.

She continued: “It’s been a lot of hard work. There’s been a big canine boom during the pandemic and I’m thinking of all those dog owners who don’t drive and have to go to Alloa or Stirling for their pet shop.

“It’s not just a store, I do it for the community.

“We specialize in raw food, but we can also advise anyone interested in modifying their dog’s diet.”

One of Lisa’s children will help her in the store alongside her partner Steven.

Steven will take care of deliveries and inventory pick-up while Lisa takes care of the store.

Lisa continued, “I want to help the community by having healthier dogs.

“The beef we buy is actually sirloin steak, it’s not leftover meat.

“We will also sell shampoo, lip balms; anything good for dogs.

“It’s not just a pet, it’s your family, it’s your baby and you will go the extra mile for them.”

For more information look for Dankbullz Raw on Facebook or call 07483 373306.