The Barn, a new batch of food carts coming to Sisters, aims to incorporate various food options

(Update: added video, comments from owner of The Barn)

SISTERS, Ore (KTVZ) – The Barn, a new batch of food carts, is coming to Sisters, aiming to provide a variety of dining options for residents and visitors.

The 10,000 square foot lot will feature new and established Central Oregon businesses and will include a two-story barn that houses a bar, as well as indoor seating.

The Barn is scheduled to open on East Main Avenue on Thursday, November 4.

The owner of the food lot said on Monday that it was created to help integrate the various food options that are coming into the sisterhood community.

Daniel St. Lawrence is in the food cart business and wants to provide the community of Sisters with a place to eat that provides shelter in the winter and open space in the summer.

“There are three different focus areas. There’s a stage that will be in the corner and then all these little cabins that are built into the property,” Lawrence said during a site visit.

Inside the barn there will be a bar and seating for those who choose to dine indoors. Lawrence has also included a dishwashing facility for the sharing food trucks.

“We know what food trucks need to make food trucks successful – and so we really tried to address those key issues so food trucks can really thrive in the barn,” Lawrence said.

Lawrence says the food options will be diverse, with choices that include southern barbecue, tacos and global fusion wraps.

Pop’s Southern BBQ, Chulitas, Wrap Stars and Boone Dog Pizza will be the dining options available at The Barn.

Some outdoor tables will serve as payment terminals with QR codes, allowing customers to order drinks at the bar.

A stage will also be built for the musicians to perform in front of the outside audience.

Lawrence envisioned creating a space that could serve as a place for romantic evenings and family outings.

“There will be a sandbox and a children’s play area, with a small booth for families to be close and watch and interact with the children,” Lawrence said.