Times of crisis! Brings a legacy of technological solutions for catering professionals

Times of crisisTired of owning your restaurant? Between constantly trying to hire while adapting to labor shortages, supply chain disruptions, and the growth of takeout and delivery, the challenges seem endless.

In an effort to help restaurant and catering professionals find solutions to these challenges, CrunchTime! offers a cost-effective approach with its industry-leading restaurant operations platform. From sales forecasting and perpetual inventory management to automated shift scheduling, labor compliance and supply chain management, CrunchTime offers a comprehensive portfolio of back-of-house solutions, the all complemented by AI-powered automations.

CrunchTime Founder and CEO Bill Bellissimo brings a long tradition of creating industry-specific software that has helped countless operators across the country. The Yale University graduate, who grew up in the restaurant industry, set his sights on a career in Wall Street finance.

Bellissimo swore he would never return to his restaurant roots, but in the 90s, as the internet began to blossom, he saw an irresistible opportunity to create CrunchTime – which had the explicit goal of streamlining restaurant operations. on the Web. “Every venture capitalist I pitched my idea to told me I was crazy and no one would ever put critical systems on the internet,” Bellissimo noted.

“I believed in the idea and started the launch. I knew the restaurant industry needed software that could solve the daily challenges faced by restaurateurs,” Bellissimo said. More importantly, with my background in finance and catering, I knew the pressure points the restaurateur faced on a daily basis.

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“CrunchTime’s goal was to allow the restaurant team to focus on the priorities of serving their customers with consistently great food, while leveraging technology to ensure everyone was making decisions. intelligent and fact-based.”

Times of crisisOne of the keys to CrunchTime’s success has been its nearly 30 years of customer service experience. “Three decades of intense focus on the challenges our user community faces every day have driven innovation and improvements to meet the ever-changing needs of our restaurant customers. Empathy runs deep at CrunchTime and the community we have created has been an incredible resource that benefits everyone,” added Bellissimo.

Another key advantage of CrunchTime is that it was the first company in the hospitality industry to offer a SaaS BOH solution. “We have combined trench restoration experience with an excellent team of technologists to design, develop and test our platform, and ensure that our infrastructure is secure, robust and scalable. A quarterly release cycle allows us to think critically about new features and be extremely agile in responding to dynamic market demands. said Bellissimo.

CrunchTime offers comprehensive user training and onboarding with the goal that every restaurant staff member understands how to be a great CrunchTime user. They offer deployment expertise with a customer-facing team that combines deep restoration expertise and technology savvy.

Times of crisis“In recent years, we have also become a favorite of franchise restaurant operators. CrunchTime allows a franchisor to create a solid playbook on how to maximize the productivity and profitability of their franchisee community, while institutionalizing their core operating standards,” said Bellissimo.

CrunchTime maintains a help desk located in Boston, MA, which is dedicated to supporting its customer base. In addition to comprehensive contextual help, the company has also integrated adaptive learning tools that proactively guide users through basic system processes. CrunchTime also offers a comprehensive learning management and talent development suite that includes over 200 courses including videos, direct interaction with the platform, company-defined course curricula, custom content, development professional and certifications.

It is undeniable that the pandemic continues to challenge the industry. Choosing the right technology partner to help you manage what will become the “new normal” is crucial to a restaurant’s ability to pivot and optimize the customer experience. Bill Bellissimo’s experience as head of CrunchTime provides the restaurateur with the back-office solution needed to meet this challenge head-on, without compromise.

To learn more about CrunchTime, visit their website.