Trattoria ZaZa, Wasabi Juan’s, MELT, Buc-ee’s Achieve Over 95 Dining Scores in June

Trattoria Zaza in Birmingham city centre. (Pat Byington/Bham Now)

Several Birmingham-area restaurants, including Trattoria ZaZa in downtown Birmingham, Wasabi Juan’s near the Rotary Trail and MELT in Avondale, scored 95 and above on their food service scores last June.

Since 2018, Bham Now has been reporting the Jefferson County Health Department’s food services scores monthly. More than 100 local establishments that handle and serve food are inspected by the health department, including:

  • Restaurants
  • Schools
  • Retirement homes,
  • Daycare centers
  • Hospitals
  • grocery stores
  • Concession stands

Food service inspection scores are updated regularly on the Jefferson County Health Department website.

Birmingham, Jefferson County Health Department
Jefferson County Health Department. (Pat Byington/Bham Now)

The database is easy to access and dates back several years. We estimate that about 20% of restaurant inspections score 95 or higher, while most local school cafeterias, for example, tend to score 95 or higher.

Featured restaurants

Who made the local restaurant’s honor roll in June? Here are some notable local establishments:

95+ sheet music

Trattoria ZaZa — 97

Soup, pasta and salad at Trattoria Zaza
Check out this spread from Trattoria Zaza. (Trattoria ZaZa/Instagram.

Did you know that ZaZa is slang in the Cleveland area for pizza? ZaZa has countless fans in Birmingham city centre, offering not only pizza but also a wide variety of pastas, salads and Italian specialties like Ricotta Gnocchi.

Wasabi Juan’s—96

Birmingham, Alabama, where is Wasabi Juan's
Looking for a casual date idea for Valentine’s Day? Go to Splitsville with your favorite sushi burrito and Frishi for dessert – it’s so pretty in pink and filled with coconut rice, fruit and Nutella. Photo by Lauren Bedford for Bham Now

I remember eating my first sushi burrito from Wasabi Juan in their food truck at a Birmingham Legion game. It was the “Cowboy” of course – steak, avocado and cream cheese. It was tasty and not messy either.

MELT — 96


A Birmingham original, MELT truly lives by the motto: Eat Local. Drink local. Live locally. Be local. And of course, if you like cheese on your sandwiches, they’re named after them – MELT. Another recommendation: try the Strawberry Fields Salad.

Rest of the honor roll

hero donuts
Hero Donuts has more than delicious donuts. Photo via Hero Donuts and Buns

Learn more

Visit the Jefferson County Health Department Food Service website for the latest scores. Food service inspections help keep us all safe. Bookmark the page and stay tuned to our 95+ monthly stories.

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