Trial set for woman who allegedly threatened food cart vendor with knife

By Eshita Seshadri

SACRAMENTO, Calif. — Two witnesses — the victim and a friend of the defendant — testified at a preliminary hearing here this week in Sacramento County Superior Court about an alleged attempted stabbing by Lorraine Cantrell .

On September 4, Cantrell and her friend were together in a local parking lot in Stockton, allegedly throwing knives at the ground when Cantrell, according to witnesses, approached a woman wheeling a food cart, allegedly threatening her and demanding to money with two knives. both hands.

When cross-examining his friend, he said he had known Cantrell for a year but could not remember her name and had seen her approach the lady with the food cart while the knives were planted in the ground.

The witness also said Cantrell asked the cart lady how much the food on her cart was worth, and that Cantrell yelled “something racist” at the woman pushing the cart, but could not remember exactly what she had said.

The victim, or the cart in this case, also testified in court with the help of a Spanish interpreter.

In her testimony, she said Cantrell’s friend asked her about the shaved ice, but when she approached them, they didn’t say anything, so she kept walking until she realized Cantrell was behind her.

The alleged victim said the defendant had two knives pointed at her and the only words she could understand Cantrell was saying were “money, money”.

She then said that she tried to move into a company, but didn’t because she knew they wouldn’t understand Spanish. She then stayed and called a man from the local store who had already bought her food.

This man then contacted the police who arrived soon after.

During cross-examination, the victim was asked by Assistant Public Defender Carolyn Stacey Miller about her level of fear, pointing out in court that she only knew Cantrell said the word “money” and
“was afraid to move because I thought she was going to stab me with the knife.”

It was made known in court that Cantrell had a long history of mental health issues and was seeking treatment.

Despite these arguments, Judge James P. Arguelles concluded that, given the defendant’s prior felony charges of threatening an individual with a knife, vandalism, drug possession, reckless burning, “there was clear evidence and convincing that no condition or accommodation would ensure public safety”. .”

Cantrell was taken into custody without bail. The jury trial has been set for December 6.