Work of the week | Food Service Worker | Salt Lake City Virginia Health Care

Food service workers play an important role in ensuring that our hospitalized veterans receive healthy, nutritious meals to sustain them during a stay at the George E. Wahlen VA Medical Center.

As part of the Nutrition and Food Service, they help prepare and serve food and beverages to our Veterans.

“My favorite part is delivering the board to the veteran and getting to know him. It’s a small interaction, but it’s significant. Especially when someone says thank you, I appreciate what you do for me,” said Gary Simmons, food service worker and veteran of the Navy and Georgia National Guard.

Simmons worked as a food service worker for four years. He sees it as another way to serve people while studying for his degree in social work. He enjoys the care and teamwork that goes into preparing each meal tray served to an inpatient.

“Everyone on that plateau line has a role to play in setting up that plateau for this veteran, so every patient is supported by everyone on the line. It’s kind of cool to think of a veteran having six or seven people saying I’m here to make sure you get a good meal today,” Simmons said.

If you want to build a rewarding career helping veterans with great benefits and the opportunity for advancement, VA Salt Lake City has open positions for food service workers.

To apply, go to